Justice Through Legal Education

Research by Dave Holness, University of Kwazulu-Nata, Howard College Campus

Holness D "Recent Developments in the Provision of Pro Bono Legal Services by Attorneys in South Africa" [2013] PER (16) 1.


Holness D "The constitutional justification for free legal services in civil matters in South Africa." [2013] Speculum Juris vol 27 Part 2.


Holness D "Improving Access to Justice Through Compulsory Student Work at University Law Clinics." [2013] PER (16) 4.


Holness D "The need for recognition and regulation of paralegals: an analysis of the roles, training, remuneration and impact of community based paralegals in South Africa" Accepted for publication in [2013] JJS vol 38 issue 2.


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