Justice Through Legal Education

The Difference Between Emergency
Remote Teaching and Online

by Charles Hodges, Stephanie Moore, Barb Lockee, Torrey Trust and
Aaron Bond


Research BY Jonathan Campbell, Rhodes University Law Clinic, Rhodes University 

Campbell J “Short-term credit: recent developments and the new limits on the cost of micro-loans” (2016) 28(3) SA Mercantile Law Journal 461.


Campbell J “Decolonising Clinical Legal Education” in Tshivhase, Mpedi, Reddi (eds) Decolonisation and Africanisation of Legal Education in South Africa Juta Law (2019).

Research by Dave Holness, University of Kwazulu-NataL, Howard College Campus

Holness D "Improving Access to Justice through Law Graduate Post-Study Community Service in South Africa" Vol. 23 [2020], accessible at https://journals.assaf.org.za/index.php/per/article/view/5968/9675


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Holness D "The need for recognition and regulation of paralegals: an analysis of the roles, training, remuneration and impact of community based paralegals in South Africa" Accepted for publication in [2013] JJS vol 38 issue 2.



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