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South African University Law Clinics Association (SAULCA)

SAULCA is a voluntary association of all South African University Law Clinics, established in approximately 1982,  to promote and protect the interests, values and goals of its members.

SAULCA’s Vision

SAULCA's vision is to be a professional and efficient organization,  committed to democratic values and human rights, and dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical legal education and access to justice.

SAULCA's Mission

In the pursuit of its vision, SAULCA's mission is to:

1.  Provide financial-  and program support to its members;
2.  Promote high quality Clinical Legal Education-programs at Universities in South Africa;
3.  Encourage and assist member law clinics to promote social justice;
4.  Promote access to justice; and
5.  Foster and encourage values of integrity, professionalism and dedication to human rights within the legal profession.

SAULCA's Objectives

The primary objectives of SAULCA are:

  • the provision of free legal services to indigent communities;

  • the practical legal education of senior law students and candidate attorneys;
  • to ensure the sustainability of SAULCA and its members;
  • to assist member law clinics to attain their goals;
  • to network with relevant stakeholders;
  • to lobby relevant organisations when appropriate; and
  • to foster public confidence in the law and the administration of justice.

SAULCA Constitution

2019 Amended

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